Halo! Saya Francisca

A professional Indonesian teacher for foreigners (certified BIPA teacher). I’m a native Indonesian speaker from Jakarta. Currently I’m teaching Indonesian in an online language learning platform and running my own online private Indonesian course. Besides my native language, bahasa Indonesia, I also speak English and Italian.

Language has been my passion since I was a teenager. Learning a new language is not only exciting and challenging for me, but it’s also a doorway to learn many other things. Through the languages I’ve learned, I’m able to connect with people from many parts of the world and expand my horizon. After pursuing my degree in communication science, I continued to study foreign languages and culture overseas, and chose language as the field of my work. I also love to write. I have published my first novel Bisikan Angin Kota Kecil, and in my spare time I write articles and poems in Kompasiana.

Through Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia, I’d like to help Indonesian learners to enhance their knowledges with sharing resources, lessons, tips of learning Indonesian, and to stay connected with anyone who are interested in Indonesian language wherever they are.