General Indonesian:

Bahasa Indonesia untuk Tingkat Pemula/Beginner (A1-A2)

This class is for beginner without any prior knowledge of Indonesian or those who just  started learning Indonesian and still have limited vocabulary. For total beginner students, you can study Indonesian from scratch in this class.

Students will study basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and simple conversation.

Learning materials will be provided

Bahasa Indonesia untuk Tingkat Menengah/Intermediate (B1-B2)

For Indonesian learners who have completed beginner level (A1 and A2), and want to further improve the knowledge of Indonesian. Students should be able to speak Indonesian at least for simple conversation to start this class.

Students will study a lot of grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading and improve their speaking and listening skills.

Learning materials will be provided

Bahasa Indonesia untuk Tingkat Mahir/Advanced Level (C1-C2)

This level is for Indonesian learners who want to perfect their knowledge and proficiency of Indonesian language.

Mainly this class is focused on improving speaking skill, reading and writing, but students still may learning grammar as well and broaden their vocabulary.

Learning materials will be provided

Indonesian for Traveling:

This class is for you who plan to come to Indonesia for a vacation. You’ll learn quickly useful phrases, terms, common expressions which will make you easier  to communicate with local people during your vacation. 

You will learn, such as, asking informations, conversation with hotel staffs, how to order food and drink in a restaurant, asking some helps, directions,  etc. Students will not study grammar in this class.

Learning materials will be provided

All levels are welcome

Conversation Class:

This class is for learners who want to practice their speaking skills.

Conversation class focus primarily on oral communication. You will improve your speaking and listening skills in this class while broaden your vocabulary as well.

Students can choose their own topic to discuss in each lesson.

No learning material for this class. 

Level: Intermediate and Advanced