Do you want to learn Indonesian but you can’t  find a teacher in your area?  Do you want to take an Indonesian course but you don’t have flexible time because your working schedule is too tight?

Why don’t you give a try learning Indonesian online?

You can study at home or  wherever you are in a relaxed atmosphere and scheduling the time which is suitable for you. You don’t have to go to a class room and study with many other students in formal situation, you will study 1-on-1 with your private teacher. It’s an easy way to study language and saving your time. You just need to prepare your device with Skype and a stable internet connection, bring your notebook and pen for taking note, then you are ready to start your class.

How does it work?

1.Lessons are conducted online via Skype.   

2.The duration of a class is 60 minutes per lesson.

3.Students can choose the times which are suitable for them.

4.Lessons will be tailored to student needs and levels.

5.Learning materials are provided prior to the class, will be sent through email or over     Skype.

6.Lessons can be taught in English, Italian or Indonesian.

7.The lesson fee must be paid at least 2 days before the class via PayPal. (Payment in      IDR is acceptable via bank transfer for students who reside in Indonesia).    

Why learn Indonesian with me?

I’m a professional Indonesian teacher for foreigners, BIPA certified (Certificate of Teaching Indonesian as a Foreign Language). I’ve been teaching Indonesian online to foreigners for more than four years. I have taught students from many countries from all over the world, at all levels. Currently I’m teaching Bahasa Indonesia in two online language learning websites and running my own online private Indonesian course.

Who  are my students?

Mostly my students are those who plan to come to Indonesia for working and those who will travel to Indonesia  for their vacations. They will stay in Indonesia for a long period of time or just for a short stay. The others are language lovers who are interested to study Indonesian language and culture, and Indonesian descendants who want to be able to communicate in Indonesian with their Indonesian families.

They come from different professional backgrounds such as, diplomats of foreign embassies, businessmen, staffs  of big international companies and banks, journalist, writer, interpreters and translators, university professor, linguist, international school teachers, military, interior designer,  postgraduate students, researchers and many more.

Since my students have different levels, specific goals to achieve,  professional backgrounds and interests,  I’m experienced to give lessons with learning materials  which are specifically designed to  the needs and goals of the students.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your class and contact me for the details!

My Certificates:

Asosiasi Pengajar BIPA (BIPA Teachers Association) – 2015

Sertifikat Pengajaran Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA)/Certificate of Teaching Indonesian as aforeign language

Università per Stranieri di Perugia – Perugia, Italia

Attestato di Conoscenza della Lingua e Cultura Italiana – 2003-2004

Accademia Europea di Firenze – Firenze, Italia  2008

Attestato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana 

Accademia del Gusto Firenze – Firenze, Italia 2008

Certificato di Frequenza Corso di Cucina Italiana