In today’s post I will continue to write loanwords in Indonesian. This time for the words that were derived from Portuguese.

The influence of Portuguese language is related to the history of Indonesia in the past, where Indonesian people made contact with Portuguese for trade, mostly for spices, in the 16th century, and later colonization particularly in eastern Indonesia.

Here are some of the loanwords:

1.Sekolah (Indonesian) – escola (Portuguese) : school

2.Bendera (Indonesian) – bandeira (Portuguese) : flag

3.Gereja (Indonesian) – Igreja (Portugese) : church

4.Sepatu (Indonesian) – sapatos (Portuguese) : shoes

5.Minggu (Indonesian) – Domingo (Portuguese) : Sunday

6.Bola (Indonesian) – bola (Portuguese) : ball

7.Keju (Indonesian) – queijo (Portuguese) : cheese

8.Mentega (Indonesian) – manteiga (Portuguese) : butter

9.Meja (Indonesian) – mesa (Portuguese) : table

10.Garpu (Indonesian) – garfo (Portuguese) : fork

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