As  language learners, particularly when students are still in the beginner level, they need to memorize a lot of vocabulary in order to be able to speak soon. The more vocabulary the sudents have the more they can speak fluently. But since students have to learn a large number of new words, many of them often cannot remember the words quickly. Normally, it’s because they don’t use the words often or practice to use them soon.

So, how to be able to remember new vocabulary quickly? Use them often in your daily life! Even though you still cannot conversate in this target language.

Here I want to share some tips. I started to use this technique of learning vocabulary when I was studying Italian in Italy. I simply found it by myself because I need to speak soon.

Here they are:

1.write down your daily schedule in the target language

We all have our daily schedules, the activities that we’ll do in a day from morning until evening. Most of us usually write down our schedules as reminder, in order not to forget to do it. I always do this every day.

Try to write down the list of your activities, notes,  in the target language or the language that you are learning.

For example:

Bekerja di kantor dari jam 09.00 – 17.00

Bertemu dengan Bapak Rahmat  jam 18.00

Makan malam di restoran dengan Adi jam 20.00

You will learn and memorize a lot of verbs from this.

2.write down your shopping lits in the target language

When we are going to shop in supermarket, and we’ll buy a lot of things, usually we also make our shopping lists

Try to write down the list in the target language. The lists of the items that we want to buy, the numbers of each items.

For example:

Gula 1 kg

Susu 2 kotak

Air mineral 2 botol

You will learn and remember a lot of nouns from this. You will rember quickly the vocabulary for the objects, in this case the items that you buy often, or the items for daily needs because you write them down repeatedly, meanwhile you also will learn new vocabulary for new items.

Illustration: Note –

3.count the number

   Try to count number in the target language often, and say it out loud. Try it faster, little by


   For example:

when you are checking the number of items you just bought at the supermarket, the amount of change money, etc.

This technique is easier and quicker instead of memorizing a long list of new words. Because by writing the words down again, either on a piece of paper or on your smartphone, you will have a stronger memory of the vocabulary.

Selamat mencoba! 🙂




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