Do you know that many Indonesian people names have certain meanings, or they are derived from nouns and adjectives that are also often used in Indonesian daily language?

In this post, I’m going to write some names that are common used by Indonesian people and have their own meanings. From these names you can also learn vocabulary 🙂

We’ll start from female name:

1.Dewi = goddess

2.Indah = beautiful

3.Putri = daughter, princess

4.Ayu = pretty

5.Lestari = everlasting

6.Melati = jasmine

7.Bunga = flower

8.Intan = diamond

9.Kartika = star

10.Mutiara = pearl

Male name:

1.Arif = wise

2.Rahmat = blessing

3.Bintang = star

4.Teguh = firm

5.Joko/Jaka = young man

6.Budi = heart (center of feeling)

7.Surya = sun

8.Fajar = dawn

9.Putra = son, prince

10.Untung = lucky

Does your name have a special meaning? 🙂

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